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Canon: Hammer of Justice, X-Buster! (Crossbuster)

The world is in ruin. Families struggle to survive after the apoclypse. Gangs run rampant, towns and defense forces are made...and slowly but surely, the wasteland is being taken over by a mysterious group called E.V.I.L., led by the enigmatic Mr E (Naturally, never seen aside from a clawed hand, occasionally stroking a cat). From their floating fortress stronghold, more and more zones of the wasteland fall to their mooks. Employing unseen technologies pirated from the age before the fall, they wield their superiority over the land. One family will stand against them, for the sake of a better tomorrow. One man, building a guardian for the sake of mankind. One Hero, bearing the mark of the X.

"TO RID THIS WORLD OF EVIL!" (Canon enemies)

The Four Generals of E.V.I.L are:
Fungal, a fiercely loyal but none-too-bright mess of nanomachines and spores. Has a general strategy of ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK, usually strikes with an array of mooks called Mushroom Mooks, and is nearly immortal due to incredible regenerative abilities. While it starts with the M3 (Mecha Mushroom Mook) as its main swarm unit, Its machines tend to be upgraded elite mook machines with some organic extras, that are also capable of some regeneration. Inhumane, aggressive, and loyal to the cause, he is Mr E's main attack dog. Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jvc9dFSBS8&list=PLqFLLC5rLDNAEo7hlw4lapgVPaHwc0pbH

 Annie, a tykebomb who knows how to play her cuteness and supposed innocence for pity. While pretending to play and have fun, she furthers her own agendas. She's also an incredibly powerful psychic, who (with amplifier drones in machines) can control an army of mook machines all at once, in perfect sync. On foot, her psychic abilities allow her to fling around and animate small objects. Expect to see her coordinating assaults with squads of BuCUEs, Bearguys (actual modified acguys), and other cute mecha. Her usual command unit is essentially a Valsion Custom with amplifiers for her abilities. Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NMXz1tmKUM&list=PLqFLLC5rLDNAEo7hlw4lapgVPaHwc0pbH

Professor Tesla, a former researcher whose theories on Plasma-X are at least partially responsible for the X-Buster's creation. Has no sense of morality, preferring running tests to actual combat. His favorite phrase is "FOR SCIENCE!" His usual command unit, the Magnezoomer, is a UFO-shaped machine that uses the same Plasma-X power as the X-Buster! He also likes to turn hapless animals into mechanized, supercharged versions of themselves. It is worth noting that Tesla is not inherantly evil, simply moral-less. Should Mr E be defeated before he is, he will offer his SCIENCE! to the cause of the White Chalice. Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdNbkBd0m6w&list=PLqFLLC5rLDNAEo7hlw4lapgVPaHwc0pbH

Oishi Evilman, a beautiful charmer and Yuu's former girlfriend of 5 years. Turns out she was just dating him to get close to the X-Buster, all for her lord and devotion, the mysterious Mr E. There's bound to be some bad blood between her and Yuu, as she's the lone exception to his "I never hit women or children" rule. Prefers to let others fight her battles for her, to an extreme: On foot, she seduces and controls with fragrances and pheremones, in battle, her machine, "Dominance", is a small, mobile fighter jet that forcibly overrides other machines and controls them. Theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SFgLSniGOU&list=PLqFLLC5rLDNAEo7hlw4lapgVPaHwc0pbH

"I WILL BECOME...!" (Backstory)

Kanazuki Yuushahiro, aka "Yuu".  (theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsr09jCqkXc )

The floating fortress of EVIL is hard to pin down, and where it casts its shadow, all are made to suffer. Kanazuki Yuushahiro was a hot blooded youth who tried his hardest to stem the tide of lawlessness and discord, and eventually he was overwhelmed by it. The X-shaped scar on his nose is a testament to the time he was unable to save something he truly cared about, a scar of the destruction of his hometown. In tears, he and his father, Professor Alberto Yuushahiro, were forced to move to a larger, more secure city, one well defended against the forces of EVIL.

A change of scenery and his life seemed to turn for the better: The discovery of a supercharged form of energy, Plasma-X, led to the evntual creation of the city's protector, a giant combat robot that would theoretically be able to handle even the strongest weapons that EVIL could send. Yuu, as well, had met a great girl, who'd seemed really interested in the robot his father was making, and even stepped up to help with both machine and Yuu's physical training. Things were going great...until EVIL caught wind of the plan.

Literally weeks before the final stages of the Protector were complete, EVIL's fortress appeared in the sky. There was no warnings, or demands. Fire rained from the sky, metal giants seiged the walls, and no home escaped destruction. Even as Yuu scrambled towards the hangar to try to force the Protector up, he was met with defeat: His lover of 5 years, already climbing into the cockpit, with the rest of the crew there surrounded by wierd mushroom men wielding guns!

It had all been a rouse. "The Protector was simply to be another of EVIL's tools of destruction, made for keeping their control of the Wastelands absolute. Of course, why would Mr E allow such a large town to flourish, if not to create something big, just for his use? And now that it was complete, there was no longer any need for such a town..." The love of his life had been a double agent of EVIL all along, and now that the new machine was comeplete, she had double crossed them all!

Like hell that was going to stand for Yuu. He'd been physically training, just for the day that he'd be able to protect his new adopted home, the one who'd taken in both him and his father. Charging in headlong with a hotblooded roar of justice, his fist ended the face of one of the spore-headed mooks. As the others turned to take out the new threat, their hostage, Professor Alberto, vanished into thin air! For you see, in addition to being a a professor of Electromagnetic Science, Alberto Yuushahiro was also a practicioner of German Ninjitsu! As smoke filled the air, Mushroom Mooks fired blindly as they went down, one by one.

Even as the Protector forced its way out of the underground hangar, flying towards the Flying Fortress of EVIL, both Professor and son clung to the machine's leg. As the machine flew over the ruined city, escorted by various enemy units, they knew their second home was no more, now occupied by enemy forces and under martial law. The two were able to hide within a leg joint until the machine had docked, and waited patiently for their moment to steal it back...but the Professor wanted more. Now deep inside the bowels of the enemy fortress, Alberto wished to stay onboard, to try and take down the enemy fortress from within. As Yuu pleaded with his father to give up such a foolish notion, the older professor pushed Yuu into the cockpit, sealed the hatch, and launched the machine out of the fortress on the catapault. He then vanished into an access panel of the fortress, presumably hiding behind the scenes to this very day.

"THE HAMMER...!" (Mission list)

Break free, Yuu! The Beginning of a Legend!
Enemy forces swarm out from the Floating Fortress of EVIL in pursuit, but they are no match for the Protector...but no, Yuu realizes that he was unable to truly protect anyone. Instead, he resolves, he would return the feelings he'd had when he'd been double crossed...he'd bust them up! This machine's new name...was X-Buster! Suddenly turning on the pursuing forces, Yuu's rage erupts! The power of the newly christened X-Buster, combined with the passion of the hot-blooded youth, overwhelmed the paper-thin armor of the countless mushroom mook mechas (M3's for short), causing them to return to dust on the wasteland. Even as a commander (Fungal) appeared, chasing him down with all the ferocity of a doberman on the hunt, The X-Buster was able to end him with it's mighty HAMMER OF JUSTICE, adding his dust to the collective. As the X-Buster strides off into the sunset, weary and victorious, a single mushroom pops free from the
soil...followed by dozens more. It's a sign that we havn't seen the last of these strange, fungal foes.

Scarily Cute! The swarm of Magical Girls!
Time passes, and EVIL continues its unchecked reign. It aquires various other corporations and alliances with factions with similar goals, growing in size as its swath of dominance blankets the Earth Sphere. Additional troops begin to appear alongside EVIL's M3 units, less swarm-ish but more aggressive and durable. A
city finds itself swarmed by small, mechanoid Lolitas, all under psychic control from another of EVIL's commanders (Annie). Initally marketed as defenders of truth and justice, people quickly realize that the mecha-doll's sense of "Truth and Justice" really means "Do as we want or get Befriended in a most painful manner." Yuu's simply passing through, but cannot avoid confrontation. As the city becomes a battlefield of fists, fanservice, and laser beams, Annie calls out her trump card: Her new personal unit, the NYAN. A highly customized Gyan, with a cat's head and a beam whip tail, the Nyan deploys heart-shaped aerial mines and missiles that arc a trail of rainbows and pink smoke. It's also incredibly nimble, and likes to jump on the heads of bigger, slower mecha, making ally attacks hit each other. Yuu is forced to call his X-Buster, but his bigger, slower robot has one heck of a fight on his hands. The magical mecha-dolls are still a threat as well, as their beams pack a heck of a whallop. Can X-Buster save the city, or even itself?

All for the sake of SCIENCE?! The unforgivable professor!

A mountain perpetually surrounded by heavy lightning storms draws the attention of Yuu, who hears of the rumor in a bar. Checking the sensors of the X-Buster confirms it, that this is no natural storm, rather one made by Plasma-X. Ascending the mountain, Yuu finds himself under assault by mysterious giant robotic
creatures, all based on various "Poke-mecha" (do a google search for that term, pick half a dozen or so.) These creatured are all created from poor, innocent animals, infused with cybernetics and Plasma-X! The mysterious Professor Tesla makes an appearance in his Magnezoner, revealing that EVIL's given him unlimited funding to carry out his life's work. Yuu recognizes him as one of the original workers on the X-Buster, and Tesla reveals how far his research has gone with EVIL's support. The man is clearly too far beyond the realm of saving, and Yuu vows to end his twisted science once and for all! It's a clash of Plasma-X vs Plasma-X on the mountaintop! Who will survive?

The one woman I'll never forgive! Oishi's scheme!

Another large city. This one's still free from the clutches of EVIL, and Yuu's heard talk of another Protector being built. Fearing the worst (and being genre-savvy), he heads forth. He finds a new prototype being built...and, of course, EVIL attacks. Even as Yuu dives into the cockpit, he finds his controls overridden! A small fighter has landed on the back of the X-Buster, and it's taken full control of the X-Buster! Oishi opens a video link to taunt her former lover, even flirting with him and asking him to join EVIL. Yuu responds with rage, telling her that she's always been this way, forcing him into situations and trying to control his life. As he's pulled back towards the Flying Fortress of EVIL, can anyone save Yuu? Can anyone save X-Buster? (Hopefully!)

The Hero's sign is X! (Should Yuu be unable to be saved in the previous canon mission, his role will replace Professor Alberto's in this mission. He'll also get a message from Alberto saying that he's unable to help anymore, and was unable to hide any longer. He may also get a badass death scene in this episode, rather than surviving to aide the Chalice in further adventures.)
The time has come to attack EVIL head-on. A message from Alberto shows the location of the Flying Fortress of EVIL, which has stopped for resupply (by raiding a nearby city, of course. (Mortal Engines tie-in?) ) EVIL's also finished work on a new machine that will control and capture the X-Buster once and for all, dubbed the Kris. The time is ripe for an all out assault on the enemy's fortress, and a chance to save Alberto! As the fortress takes off into the air, mid mission, the X-Buster is pushed off to fall to its death! Alberto's able to activate the Kris in time, reuploading an AI program to make it obey the X-Buster, rather than dominate it. In the nick of time, the Kris Cross is performed, and the X-Buster is able to take out the Fortress's massive new Plasma-X Breaker Beam
Cannon with its own new move, the Kris Cross Crash! The fortress is forced to retreat from the Earth, ascending into space, and beyond the reach of our hero...for now.

Desperate Assault of the 4 Generals!
A penultimate showdown. Fungal's massive mushroom mook army, clad in modified MP mushsuits. Annie's army of adorable units and mecha-magical girls. Tesla's SCIENCE-driven legendary Pokemecha. And Oishi's fan club of charmed men and stolen mecha. All working together in a massive assault against their greatest
threat on Earth...X-Buster and its allies. Their job is simply to destroy any threat in their way. This will be a massive raid that will have a comm post for others to join in. Oishi will be looking for oppertunities to steal the Chalice's forces and use them against each other. Should she be captured (and she should, either being overridden by Lagann or having her machine malfunction from trying to assimilate too much foreign tech) she'll plead brainwashing and beg for mercy, biding her time in the brig...her personality will do a complete 180 from cruel dominatrix to caring housewaifu, and should she gain trust, she'll take up residence in the cafeteria.

Final Stage! The Hammer of Justice!

Mr. E has lost his generals, and decided that the earth is too far developed to properly control. So he'll reset it to zero with a time-honored tradition: A Colony Drop. The space bound Floating Fortress has been assimilated into a space colony, and its powerful thrusters are going to crash it into Earth, causing a Fourth Impact. In addition, Oishi's treacherous ways have gotten her to escape, trying to take out key pilots before they can become a threat. Poisoned food? Deadly ninja skills? And yet another stolen mecha! Fungal's still not dead, either, having regenerated to catch the chalice from behind as they launch into space! And Yuu's learning the hard way that his Plasma-X powers are much weaker in the vaccuum of space! Can our heroes stop this madman once and for all?

All these missions are deliberately as open-ended as possible. As this is an original canon written to work within the confines of UG@, feel free to make modifications and changes as you see fit. A reoccouring running gag that should occour is people asking what E.V.I.L. stands for, only for the answer to get cut off by something else. As well, every episode should end with Mr E going "I'll get you next time, X-Buster....NEXT TIIIIIME!".

"...OF JUSTICE!" (Personality)
In general, Yuu's personality is heavilly based on 80's and 90's super robot pilots. That pretty much sums it up for you.

A hot blooded, if somewhat scruffy, male with a somewhat goofy demeanor and a heart of gold. Born into a world of strife, he is the son of Professor Alberto Yuushahiro, the creator of the Super Robot, X-buster. Working from an early age with him to create a defender of peace and justice, Yuu was brought up solely on the values of truth, honor, and justice to all that threaten the weak and helpless. Naturally, his views on good and evil are very black and white, with him often assigning the role of villan to anyone he believes to be up to no good. His devotion to defending the weak and helpless will never falter, and he truly does care about all that he protects. He is a true hero that we can all believe in, so everyone, please, believe in the hero!

Yuu is the kind of guy you'd meet in a kids Super Robot show: he's a good, wholesome, and positive role model. He's not without his goofy quirks, but is very polite and kind to others. While initally appearing flat on the surface, getting to know him in depth will reveal a pretty cool guy that can make anyone smile, a good person with a genuine heart for preserving justice and honor. He also tends to be a bit awkward around ladies, and is sensitive about his age, and the fact that he's still a bachelor. He's not stuck up, nor above working with others, and doesn't mind sharing the spotlight.

What he DOES mind, however, is those who resort to sneaky tactics to obtain victory, or those who cause strife. He's a cape, through and through. He's a very direct man, and should you stray from the path of righteousness, expect a visit. Possibly from his FIST OF JUSTICE. Should you threaten the lives of innocents, watch out, it's SUPER HERO TIME! Yuu will make sure you're NEVER FORGIVEN with his FIST OF RADIANT JUSTICE!

This translates to him being an excessively over the top and awkward kind of guy in situations that don't call for it. Yuu's gotten so into the habit of calling his attacks that he'll often make up names for the most mundane of actions. "BREAKFAST SKILL!: GRAND SLAM PANCAKE FLIP!" comes to mind.

In combat, he's a man devoted to his job: He'll more often than not deliver a short speech to the villan of the week about his crimes, plow through whatever mooks he's brought along, and then have a heated battle, complete with lots of YELLING and HOT BLOOD. He is the archetypal Super Robot pilot, a man who embodies courage, willpower, and the ability to roar with such ferocious might that at least on one occasion he has caused a radio to burst into flames. He will not stand for evildoers and will blaze onto the battlefield in a storm of fury, giving his absolute all in defense of the weak and helpless.

Interestingly enough, though, this formula has grown so stale for him that he's actually easily confused if a foe's able to point out WHY they're doing something, should it not be For the Evulz. He'll distinctly refuse to sortie against human soldiers that are simply doing their job, save a scenario where they're attacking him or his current base directly; even then he'll hold his machine back, not wanting to take the lives of innocents. He also refuses to fight women and children, though he does believe that once you've knowingly ended a life, you can no longer call yourself a child. While this isn't normally an issue for his machine, he may go so far as to try to deflect an ally's attack if it seems like overkill. Enemy soldiers have lives too, you know!

Machine: Crossbuster

A large and in charge, well armored humanoid machine, the X-Buster is a quintessential Super Robot: It has a Rocket Punch, Laser Eyes, and a Chest Blaster, all powered by a mysterious energy called "Plasma-X." It's painted red and blue and has a rather bulky chest, thin arms and legs, and overly large, well armored forearms and hands. Its feet end in spiky, armored boots. Its cockpit is located in the chest, right above the large X-shaped emblem housing its aforementioned Chest Blaster, prolonged use of the weapon actually causes the cockpit to overheat. It has large, well armored shoulderpads, rounded with long spikes, these are actually jettisoned for use with some of its attacks. It has a similar circle of spines around the cone of its head, all of these are used as conduits for channeling and discharging Plasma-X safely. It has a similar, smaller X over its face, shaped somewhat like a mask. Its back has a rather retro-looking jetpack on it, though it's not strong enough to allow prolonged flight.

A very important note is that prolonged use of the machine generally makes the weather stormier, as Plasma-X useage tends to seed nearby clouds with lightning.

Crossbuster is a ground based combat machine, meant to defend the weak with superior offense and defense. It is severely lacking in speed or agility, preferring to tank hits. The machine is further able to do this due to its innate Plasma Field, a sort of barrier that weakens incoming non-solid projectiles. It works decently against beams, but does its job very well against fire. The machine itself can actually absorb electricty/lightning for its own use, converting it into Plasma-X internally, though too much at once will cause an overload. Its large body is meant to shield allies, as well as overpower enemies. It has a fairly high repair cost, but shouldn't see more damage than losing an arm, leg, or occasional head; since the cockpit is in the torso, that area is extremely durable. Solid rounds from real robots will scarcely bother it, the machine is simply too big and well armored for anything less than a multi-machine barrage to bother it.

BUSTER BEAM!  A pair of fast, sweepable eye lasers.

X-BREAKER! A X-shaped discharge of heat from the chest that can melt steel, or even solid rock. The Chest Blaster.

PLASMA SPARK channels electricity from the atmosphere into the spikes that align around the machine's upper half, augments them with Plasma-X, and fires it from the fingertips at an enemy. Space Thunder at its finest.

FIST OF JUSTICE! A standard rocket punch. Note that only the Right Arm is detachable. Returns after firing, CPU guided.

FIST OF RADIANT JUSTICE! A  manually guided salvo of remote punches with the left arm. Based on ZHP's "Funnel Blow" skill.  

ANCHOR CHAIN!, A steel, rocket propelled grappling chain The ANCHOR CHAIN can also channel the electrictiy from a PLASMA SPARK, and since the tip is often embedded past inital layers of armor, it can cripple systems  this way. Housed on the more durably crafted Left Arm.

X-EDGE, a small, cold metal jack knife. Flips out past the wrist of the right hand.

SPREADER MISSILE!, a warhead that fires a single shot that splits into multiple missiles. Fired from the crotch, and the only ranged attack that doesn't use Plasma-X to attack.

HAMMER OF JUSTICE! It jettisons both of its spiked, heavily armored shoulderpads, and they form into a
single iron ball, sparking with Plasma-X. The ANCHOR CHAIN is attached to make a chain flail. The signature weapon of the X-Buster.

Yuu's a very direct fighter, and loves to combine multiple weapons into a single attack; this is granted, as most of his monsters of the weak are fairly tough to take down with anything less. His trump card is the FINAL CROSS technique, smashing the enemy from behind with the FIST OF JUSTICE while reeling them in to
point blank with the ANCHOR CHAIN, then firing the X-BREAKER and BUSTER BEAM simoutaniously.

It should be noted that not only are all the attacks activated by voice command, but the power output behind each attack is dictated by the volume of said voice command. You can expect Yuu to come back from a mission against a tough opponent with a very sore throat.

Mid-Season Upgrade:
The Kriss, an unmanned booster pack, in the same vein as the Great Booster. It has its own additional supply of Plasma-X, and can act as an emergency battery for the X-Buster should it run out of energy. In addition, it enables the machine to fly and perform 3 additional attacks. The PLASMA CUTTER slices through
airbourne mooks with sharp, razor edged wings. The KRISS CROSS CRASH! flies through a storm cloud to supercharge the machine before dropping the mass of electrical energy onto a foe, akin to a Shine Spark. Finally, the true ultimate attack of the X-Buster is the HAMMER OF THE GODS, MJOLNIR. The Kriss pops off
midflight, transforming into what can only be described as a small-scale Goldion Crusher, a giant hammer with a head made of pure Plasma-X. As it's not a physical hammer, it actually passes right through most objects, leaving enemies trapped in the eyes of the head's electrical storm as they're bombarded with Plasma-X.

Post-Season Upgade:
Only warranted if nessisary to keep up with canon power levels. This inital, overpowered design is capable of using the Plasma Field offensively in a Sonic Breaker-ish fashion, has a pair of Plasma-X charged pile bunkers in place of the X-Edge, and can pull the X off its chest to form two Plasma-X heated blades. IN ADDITION, it's able to generate up to 5 copies of itself from pure plasma, called down as lightning bolts, which it can use for attacks in a manner similar to the Zweizergain. It is the last legacy of the Yuushahiro clan, the XCEED-Buster. It shouldn't even be nessisary until near the end of the game, in a year or so.


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